Die Rückseiten der aktuellen und zukünftigen Euro-Münzen
Backsides of the Euro-Coins - Faces nationales des pièces en euro

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Croatia has not introduced the euro and will not be a member of EU in the next.

Please note ! These are some virtual specimens, not really planned designs !
For further "Fantasy-EURO" -specimens please look at the Misc-Page

1 EURO-Cent: Slavuj (Luscinia Megarhynchos)
A bird protected in croatia.
It is to commemorate on 1 Kuna-coin.
10 EURO-Cent: Kornati islands
National park in Croatia.
Croatian monuments
2 EURO-Cent: The cathedral of Zagreb
20 EURO-Cent: Diocletian Palace in Split
(III Cent. AD)
5 EURO-Cent: Franjo Tudjman
the first president of independent Croatia
(1990 - 1999).
50 EURO-Cent: Ante Starcevic
XIX Century politician, "father of Croatia".
Croatian typical signs
1 EURO: Croatian coat of Arms
2 EURO: Map of Croatia
filled as Croatian coat of arms.
© Thanks a lot to Natko Bajic, Croatia for the nice pictures !

Another specimen is shown here:

© Thanks a lot to Frizio Annovi, Italy for the nice pictures !


  • Die oben gezeigten Bilder stellen lediglich ein erstes Muster der dänischen Münzen dar, keine endgültigen Entwürfe.

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