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Backsides of the Euro-Coins - Faces nationales des pièces en euro

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Die belgischen € - Gedenkmünzen
Commemorative € - coins of Belgium


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1, 2, 5 EURO-Cent: 10, 20, 50 EURO-Cent:
  • Portrait of King Albert II. of Belgium surrounded by 12 stars and his monogram.
  • There will be no inscription may be due to the two national languages Dutch and French.

  • ©:
    Federal Government of Belgium


  • 16.10.97: Presentation of the belgian side by the Minister of Finances, Philippe Maystadt, in the Royal Mint of Belgium.
  • 07.09.98: Strike of the first belgian EURO-coin in presence of hm King Albert II in the Royal Mint of Belgium.
  • Number of belgian coins to produce: 2,309 mrd until 2002, further 790 mio until 2004, weight: 9763,7 tons
  • Amount of return money: 450 mrds BEF.
  • Now in Belgium there are coins with 5 different portraits and inscriptions: (1)België mit Albert II, (2) Belgique mit Albert II, (3)België mit Boudewijn (the former King), (4)Belgique mit Bauduin, (5)Lëtzebuerg mit Jean Grand-Duc de Luxembourg. The last one due to the monetary union with Luxembourg

  • Sources:

  • ASLK-On-Line
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