EURO in Slovenia ?? -- EURO in Slowenien ??

Article about interesting precursor coins in this country

Artikel über interessante Vorläufer-Münzen in diesem Alpenland

by / von Christoph Lehner /Austria


These six privately issued 3 Euro bi-metallic coins of Slovenia feature designs that were rejected by the Slovenian government. Many of the rejected designs were strongly nationalistic themes. Though approved by the National Bank, they were rejected by the Slovenian Slovenian government who feared diplomatic repercussions with its neighbors. The designer, who had previously designed Slovenian coins, had the coins privately made in Slovenia. The coins have a dull finish and are somewhat weakly struck. The quality from the private mint that struck the coins leaves something to be desired. The set of six 3 Euro coins includes "The 50th Anniversary of the founding of the SHS", a short-lived republic that existed after World War I before being absorbed into what became Yugoslavia. "The 80th Anniversary of the Union with Prekmurje", a territory that formally belonged to Hungary, "The Annexation of Primorska", a territory that formerly belonged to Italy. "150 Years of United Slovenia" the design of which includes a Slovenian map that includes portions of Italy, Croatia and Austria". "1250 Years of the written Slovene word" all dated 1999 and a Millennium commemorative dated 2000. Only 2000 sets of the coins were struck, most of which were distributed within Slovenia, thus the coins are rarely available to collectors elsewhere.

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