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Beside the forthcoming official EURO-coins, there are coins issued by several German towns and regions. These medals (or coins) circulate as currency in a special place and time where they can be used to buy food or goods. This short time money is a way of introducing people to the Euro.
Coins or medals ?
This is a FAQ at my site about this newest collectors field in Germany. People keep telling me: "These aren't coins because EURO is not the currency of Germany !" Yes and no. Coins what you can buy things with, and with these round, shiny pieces of copper, brass, nickel, silver or gold you can do it. It`s true that you can use them only for a limited time and only in one particular town or region for buying food or souvenirs at fairs and celebrations, like the Europe-week in Berlin in May 1997.
But I think, it doesn`t matter, whether coin or medal, both can be very exciting collectors items and every one of them tells a little story about the time previous to the introduction of the new european currency: the EURO
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Thanks to Bernard Mesureur

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